Brian Dusman

Digital Creative Director


Union, New Jersey




Coming Soon!

A little about me .

I am a hands-on, creative professional with over twenty years of digital and print experience working both on the client and agency side. As a digital design leader skilled in all aspects of front-end user interface and user experience design, I enjoy leading brainstorming sessions, presenting strategies, concepts, and final designs. My strong collaboration skills are utilized regularly with my team, upper management and business owners throughout the creative process.

I have an extensive background in establishing, planning, directing, and implementing the user experience/user interface design of successful web, mobile and tablet properties utilizing the latest technologies and mobile OS. I bring visionary leadership that can understand new business ideas and translate them into compelling, visual stories that brings the idea to life. I have an eye for innovation and pixel perfection while proving to be a creative team builder with key skills in strategy, leadership, communication, and talent retention.

Using my interpersonal, multidisciplinary, and problem solving skills to cultivate a comfortable working atmosphere, I strive to keep energy and creativity high as we design and execute our projects. My skills demonstrate close interaction with designers, art directors, copywriters, project managers, business owners as well as the developers throughout a project. I ensure my projects move smoothly and on time, and I make sure I pass off a final comprehensive build-kit to the development team.

As creativity is my passion, I also enjoy playing amazing riffs all over the fret board of my guitar and that sushi is on the top of my food chain.

A few happy people.